Our Policies

Policy on sustainability

BakerBaird Communications takes its approach to sustainability incredibly seriously. As a company we want to be seen as champions of sustainability and will do everything it can through its own practices to champion the UK’s targets on climate change.

As we own no property of our own (it is only leased) we will champion and adhere to the polices of our chosen provider Scale Space.

Over above the below policy we pledge:

  • To work only with those companies and supplier who show a proactive attitude to sustainability
  • To purchase services and products only from those who show the same attitude
  • To actively pursue Public Relations clients who want to promote sustainability to others
  • To adhere to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Code of Conduct as well as commit to at least two CPD activities per year on sustainability
  • Our office providers are Scale Space and we will adhere and support their policies.

our full policy is here BBComms & ScaleSpace Sustainability Policy

Equal Opportunities, diversity and inclusion

The BakerBaird Communications team have a long history of promoting and championing equality and diversity through their work, which has been recognised by clients such as the Education Skills and Funding Agency and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

Our background of inhouse work in the Government and in the NHS has included training on cultural awareness, on promoting diversity in the workplace and in unconscious bias. As public relations professionals our job was to work closely with our human resources teams to ensure diversity and equal opportunities was promoted and delivered in recruitment policies as well as delivery of care.

We live our values and that is shown through our work where we strive to give to voice to those who are under-represented in the media and the workplace.

As well as our public statement and policy about our approach to equal opportunities which can be found here.

As members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations we also contribute to and promote the latest work on diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace.

Our policy can be found here:

Equal Opportunities Policy

Further resources can be found here: https://cipr.co.uk/CIPR/Our_work/Policy/Diversity_resources.aspx