Leading the profession – the LG Comms Academy sets the benchmark

Local government communicators from as far north as Shetland to the depths of Cornwall and all points in-between descended on Yorkshire this week for their first national conference since before COVID.

In Steel City, Sheffield, they found a conference, learning and networking event as sharp as a Cutler’s Company knife.

BakerBaird were one of the sponsors for the LG Comms Academy conference in Sheffield’s fantastic Cutler’s Hall, one of the most beautiful livery halls in the world.

The Cutler’s Hall

The venue, the organisation, the range of content and speakers was absolutely first class. Attendees got more value for their money in the two days than signing up to days and days of training by other providers.

The range and depth of work was so comprehensive, it’s incredibly difficult to list out the highlights, if you want to check that out for yourself you can find the programme here.

As a sponsor I was of course there to see if we could work with local government colleagues on the projects which benefit their communities (and you can read more about that here), but for someone who’s motto is ‘every day is a school day’ I made sure I attended sessions to benefit from that continual learning we all need as communicators.

For those in the public sector, the challenges can seem legion, but what I saw from across the room were committed people all wanting to do their best for their organisations and also wanted to support one another.

The benefits of hybrid working are clear but it’s at events like this that you realise that engagement is a contact sport.

Learning can be formal and, in the room, but it can also be in the intangibles – the conversations over a post conference glass of wine, the shared pain, the relationships, the small and big wins.

As a member led organisation, with those on the team holding down high-pressure local government jobs as well, the academy event team should hold their heads high for some considerable time to come. A true profession leading event.

We’re not the biggest company in the country, not even in Nottingham, but we shared delegates passion for making a difference and this academy certainly did. We will be back.