Supporting new talent in Public Relations

We were delighted this week to welcome our first ever work experience student. As a public relations company we’re committed to supporting new talent into the profession.. here it is in Scarlett’s own words…

Scarlett Ryan our first work experience student

As a sixth form student in my first year studying English Literature, History, Maths and Photography, I am always encouraged to step outside my comfort zone and do my best in every opportunity that comes my way.

This is exactly what BakerBaird offered me with a week packed full of insight and experience in the PR industry.

I am interested in a PR career because I am drawn to the fast paced, creative side of the job, as well as being able to develop the crucial skill of building relationships with clients. Therefore, I found the week valuable as it portrayed the very real reality of this.

At the beginning of the week I was given insightful information about the inner running of the PR industry and BakerBaird as a company in Nottingham.

This was exceedingly beneficial for future reference and the tasks they set me over the week, such as writing a report on A-Level results and compiling a content plan for the result announcement. This allowed me to put the research skills and writing techniques I had learnt over the week to practice, combined with experiencing completing a campaign of my own.

The view from offices over Nottingham market square

BakerBaird are also committed to continuing professional development and I was introduced to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations who provide all kinds of learning opportunities.

I was also offered insights from the Government Communication Service by spending a day working with the team, discovering how major national announcements are communicated across the UK.

I was also given tasks applying my learnt skills to real cases and doing some research. This gave me an understanding and importance of the process of planning to make your campaign as successful as possible.

By the end of this week, I learnt a lot about the industry, and although it seems daunting initially it grows your confidence not just in a physical sense but also in your own ability. I was assured I had a good understanding of how PR works and the process of creating a successful media release and how to start and develop a campaign.

After my week was up, I was still excited by the opportunity’s PR gives you and eager to pursue my interest in this industry, particularly attracted by how no two days are the same.

Scarlett Ryan