We are one

BakerBaird in parliamentOne year ago BakerBaird Communications set forth into the world. The business plan was pretty simple: we can do this.

What is 'this'? In world of fast-paced change and transformation, the boundaries between public and private sector are increasingly blurred. The ubiquity of social media and digital channels means an endless cloud of offers, business deals and opportunities bombard us all on a daily basis.

What we saw was the need for a communications business that could help clients take complex messages and find clarity, identify the core objectives in diverse strategies. Amid that information bombardment, we needed to cut through the noise and put our clients front and centre.

What we didn't anticipate was where that mission would take us and who we'd meet along the way.

Our work took us to Chandigarh, Manila, Colombo, Jaipur. We chaired discussions about HS2 in Newcastle, and the Midlands Engine in Birmingham. And we've advised financial technology companies in London.

But home is where the heart is and much of our first year has been with clients Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Lincoln.

We've supported digital transformation in Scotland; helped a national charity tackle work with Whitehall; drawn up influence maps for inward investors; helped manage media and reputation crises; developed stronger stakeholder and partnership relationships; delivered business engagement; supported a huge and wonderful event in the Houses of Parliament. And we've written some high quality, high impact communications along the way.

We've also collected awards from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. In year one. We're pretty proud of that.

The sectors we've worked with include higher education, digital technology, the NHS, national and local government, charities, design engineering, construction and development. For all of them our focus has been value.

But ultimately this business is about people. The people we have met, built relationships with, regardless of whether or not we have been commissioned to work with them, have been wonderful.

We could enthusiastically list them here, but they know who they are: and to you we want to say thank you for a wonderful 2016, our first year, and we wish you all a fantastic 2017.